Bence Máté – Bloodless Hunting

from 04 January 20 to 04 January 20

Bence Máté – Bloodless Hunting


What has happened to the young man driving an old, red Lada who became famous as „The Invisible Wildlife Photographer” on Spectrum TV channel 10 years ago?

If you want to find out how the ‘problem student’ of Pusztaszer, Hungary has become one of the most successful wildlife photographers in the world, do not miss his presentation.

Bence’s images are known all around the world, and he has put Hungarian wildlife photography on the map. As the most efficient contestant his name is the first on every BBC Wildlife Photography of the Year contest lists, being the only contestant to have won the ‘Wildlife Oscar’ in the young and adult categories.

The presentation is a unique opportunity to meet this most agreeable young man and get an insight of Hungarian wildlife through his breathtaking action photos. The presentations are based on a modern, huge, free, open-air touring exhibition which can be visited in eight Hungarian cities in 2019. His enlightening stories are full of fun and will be a great programme for all members of the family.