Virág Judit Gallery – 9th post-war and contemporary sale

from 01 June 22 to 01 June 22

On the occasion of our 25th Anniversary we are preparing an Auction worthy of attention. The masterpiece of László Lakner, unknown to the general public, an early, photorealistic work by László Fehér, a special, Abstract-Expressionist painting by Tihamér Gyarmathy, as well as the works of Endre Rozsda, Dóra Maurer, Ilona Keserü, Ferenc Lantos, Ákos Birkás and Endre Tót will all be hammered at the Sale.

László Lakner’s painting commemorates the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union for space exploration in the 1970s. The space age has excited almost everyone and has had a fertile effect on the artists alike. Space itself and daydreaming about it on both sides of the Iron Curtain became an important topic. Overlappings is a piece in an important series of images by Maurer, where different colours interact in multiple ways to create new layers of colour.

The title of Katalin Keserü’s All-series refers to colours and the diversity of human skin colours. In her colour experiments, Keserü examined how all the colours and shades of the rainbow harmonize with the shades of human skin. An outstanding piece of this era – All 2 is now being auctioned.

On the occasion of the Jubilee Sale, we give a discount to all our clients after each purchase.
Instead of the 23% Buyer’s premium, exclusively at the upcoming Sale, you will be charged with only 13% Buyer’s premium.