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Christmas Concert – Audience Choice Programme

“There was a moment when it seemed an angel passed through the hall,” wrote a member of the audience after the BFO’s christmas concert last year. Another commenter said the performance was “the best Christmas present.” Iván Fischer will bring the same gift this year, and while the packaging may be familiar, the contents are always unknown, never boring, and always determined by the wishes of the audience.

The members of the Budapest Festival Orchestra are the most multifaceted musicians in Hungary – and perhaps in the world. Apart from being outstanding orchestral musicians, they also perform in chamber formations of the highest quality and often appear before the audience as soloists. They approach Baroque, classical and contemporary music with the same level of professionalism, and are also no strangers to jazz or folk music. They know everything there is to know about their own instruments, and are able to enchant and capture the attention of everyone from children who are complete newcomers to music to seasoned aficionados of the classics. They also hold their own as a choir, so their musical toolbox is, in a word, simply unlimited. Just as Iván Fischer’s ideas, creativity and enthusiasm know no limits. The purpose of the christmas concert is to allow the audience to share in all these miracles.

This is an evening where anything can happen. The audience will have a role in determining the programme, so the concert will be custom-tailored to its listeners. Of course, there will also be surprises in store, which Iván Fischer will handle. As he puts it: “This concert is like a wrapped gift, as when a child announces ahead of time what they would like for Christmas, but at the same time, of course, they also want to be surprised.” At this concert the audience will get both.

The holiday concert will also mark an anniversary: the BFO made its debut at the Liszt Academy at Christmas in 1983, which was when the Grand Hall became available. It is through this coincidence that perhaps the orchestra’s most beautiful tradition was born, which continues to bring warmth to the hearts of music lovers year after year during the holiday season.

Jim Jefferies: The Night Talker Tour

Jim Jefferies will kick off his European tour

in Budapest on November 30, 2019!

Being named one of the top 5 touring comedians in the world, Jim Jefferies is back on the road with an entirely new routine for his The Night Talker Tour.

Jim Jefferies is one of the most popular and respected comedians of his generation, entertaining audiences across the globe with his provocative, belief-challenging, and thought-provoking comedy. In addition to his critically acclaimed series,’The Jim Jefferies Show’ Jim also continues to head up the weekly podcast series, The Jim Jefferies Show Podcast.

He has currently two comedy specials available on Netflix: This Is Me Now (2018) and Freedumb (2017).

“MUSIC-WINE” Gala concert of the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra

The 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra is looking forward to welcoming those looking for entertainment with a gala program, wine tasting and folk dance show on December the 30th, at the Budapest Congress Center. 100 musicians play at the same time on the grand concert, performing popular melodious tunes by Sarasate, Brahms, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, while the audience is tasting selected outstanding wines of Hungarian wineries. Beyond the concert, our guests can also enjoy the four course festive dinner introducing famous Hungarian dishes prepared by our master chefs, or can listen to the exclusive performance with snacks and wine.

Opening: 6pm, concert: 7pm


Information: / phone: +36-30-921-5701

online tickets:,


Show times:

9th January 2020 show 19:30
10th January 2020 show 19:30
11th January 2020 afternoon show 15:00
11th January 2020 evening show 19:30
12th January 2020 afternoon show 15:00

What does this button do? An evening with Bruce Dickinson – Featuring Q&A




Live Nation announces a special one-man speaking show by IRON MAIDEN singer, BRUCE DICKINSON in Budapest on November 2nd, 2019.

Bruce Dickinson is considered one of the world’s most storied musicians. Aside from decades spent delivering high-octane performances with his larger-than-life persona in IRON MAIDEN, Bruce has lived an extraordinary off-stage existence too. A true polymath, Bruce is, or has been, an airline pilot and captain, an aviation entrepreneur, a beer brewer, motivational speaker, film scriptwriter, twice-published novelist and best-selling author, radio presenter, TV actor and international fencer.

The 2017 publication of his New York Times & UK Times Best-Seller autobiography What Does This Button Do? saw Bruce promoting the book by undertaking a small number of readings and Q&A in theatres around the UK. What Does This Button Do?An Evening With Bruce Dickinson has since evolved into a full-blown one-man show, more akin to a stand-up comedian’s routine, lasting well over two hours and touring the globe to critical acclaim, including a sold-out performance last summer at the largest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Split into two parts, the first half of the show sees Bruce taking a humorous, often satirical look back at his colourful, roller-coaster life. Delivering compelling tales in his uniquely anarchic style and punctuated with photographs, he recounts anecdotes not just from the book, but others deemed either too risqué or otherwise to have made the final edit…..!

The second half of the evening is devoted entirely to a Q&A session, where fans’ quirky, frank and often completely leftfield questions are tackled with completely improvised – and invariably quick-witted – responses by Bruce, all of which makes for a highly entertaining and enjoyable night out.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to witness one of the world’s most captivating icons in an intimate environment when Bruce Dickinson brings his one-man speaking show for the very first time to Budapest. Tickets are now available via and

The show will be in English language!


“There were moments of laughter, moments of raucous applause, and moments when you could have heard a pin drop, as we hung on his every word…a master storyteller. Highly articulate, animated, witty and at times downright hilarious”Heavymag, Sydney, Australia

“What struck me in his conversation was his ability to ad-lib and move with the audience….it really was an interesting evening…don’t miss it” – Wall Of Sound, Sydney, Australia 

Wow Bruce, just wow!! A fantastic storyteller…it was privilege to hear his stories first hand from the man himself” – Silver Tiger Media, Melbourne, Australia

“Dickinson’s show flowed beautifully….he is an excellent storyteller…a consummate showman, and this speaking engagement only proved to solidify that notion. For fans of Iron Maiden, rock and metal, aviation or just interesting lives in general, Dickinson’s show is a must-see” – Overdrive, Melbourne, Australia

Armed only with his humour, charm and a simple slide show, Bruce Dickinson offers an intimate idea of ​​his dazzling life. There are diligent jack of all trades and creatively exuberant entrepreneurs. And then there’s Bruce Dickinsonwho plays in his own league Aftonbladet newspaper, Sweden

Bruce Dickinson is a superstar… When you dig deeper, you find that his tremendous sense of humour facilitates the telling of an epic story. This man has an enormous heart and fighting spirit.” – Copenhagen Post newspaper, Denmark

 “Bruce Dickinson is an eager man, devoted to exploring and learning new things ….a fantastic storyteller”Radio Rock, Bauer Media, Norway. 

Dickinson is a power of nature on stage…”  – Turun Sanomat newspaper, Finland

“Dickinson was on fire, strolled around on the stage, making ruthless fun of himself. And others. Extremely witty as was to be expected” Morgunbladid newspaper, Iceland

“The talented Mr. Dickinson….is a perfect stand-up comedian…as if he had done nothing else in his life” –  Tages-Anzeiger newspaper, Switzerland.

“Bruce fascinates for 2 hours and 45 minutes with entertaining anecdotes.” – Lords of Metal website, Holland

 “An incredible front man in every sense of the word, an excellent entertainer and performer, but what we didn’t know is that he is also an outstanding speaker, full of wit!”Red HardnHeavy website, Spain

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Celtic Woman – Ancient Land Concert Budapest 2019

The Grammy nominated Celtic Woman returns to Budapest!

The Irish band Celtic Woman will perform in the Budapest Congress Center on 25th of October 2019. They have sold millions of albums over the world, done several world tours – that is the most famous band of contemporary Irish music. The band is headed by three excellent singers and one violinist.

Celtic Woman has been on the scene since 2005. Since then, she has probably become the most popular music group dedicated to traditional Celtic music connected with modern art. In 2017, they earned a Grammy nomination for their studio album called Destiny. Celtic Woman is mainly three excellent vocalists Mairéad Carlin, Éadha McMahon and Megan Walsh. A major member of the band is also the great violinist Tara McNeill.
The band is also joined by more than ten musicians playing traditional Irish musical instruments. Their performances are complemented by traditional Irish dances, pipers and latest modern stage technique. This all creates a unique show full of beautiful singing and dancing. Special effects such as fire and projection complete the medieval atmosphere, which inherently belongs to this music.

“Celtic Woman is one of the most famous performers of traditional Celtic and Irish music today. Together with excellent singers and violinists, they will be accompanied by music and dance group.”

The band has sold ten million music records worldwide, with over four million viewers coming to their concerts they were even announced by magazine Billboard seven times as a best musicians in the world music industry. Celtic Woman toured the United States, Japan, Australia, China, South Africa and Europe. In the USA they even played for three different presidents such as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Deva Premal, Miten és Manose mantrakoncert 2019 Budapest


Tölts el velünk Te is egy csodálatos estét a mantrák, dalok, az ünneplés és a meditáció világában Deva Premallal és Mitennel, a világhírű mantrazenészekkel, akiket az élő koncerten a nepáli bambuszfuvola virtuóz, Manose, a kanadai basszusgitáros, Joby Baker és Mile Bould, az ütőshangszerek angol mestere kísér.

Gyere el és mártózz meg Te is a mantrázás szívből jövő örömében!

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Virág Judit Galéria – 61st Spring Sale

We kindly invite everyone to Virág Judit Gallery’s upcoming Spring Sale and to the previous exhibition.

Date and Venue:
May 15, 2019, 6 p.m. Wednesday
Budapest Congress Center

Auction preview:
May 2-14, 2019
Opened daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Virág Judit Gallery

Our catalogue and the virtual tour of the preview will be available soon on our website!

Szulák Andrea koncert

Szulák Andrea Koncert – Winter

A tél varázsa, az ünnep fénye egy különleges
és sokoldalú nő hangján.

Szulák Andrea és zenekara a legszebb karácsonyi dalokkal idézi meg a tél csodáit. Az örökzöld dallamok, mint a Silver bells, a Silent night, az Adeste Fideles, a White Christmas vagy a Winter Wonderland elhozzák a régi karácsonyok hangulatát. Az ünnepváró koncertet nagyzenekari hangzás, különleges fények és a ragyogó táncosok teszik még emlékezetesebbé.

A koncerten közreműködnek:

Feke Pál és Serbán Attila

Studio11 zenekar – zenei vezető Tóth Gyula

Budapest Chamber Orchestra – vezényel Silló István

Budapest Táncművészeti Stúdió – koreográfus Bogdán Péter

Hangszerelés – Elek Norbert

Produkciós vezető – Balatoni Bernadett

Hangmérnök – Görög Attila


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Nyári Károly Budapesti Karácsonyi Koncert

Nyári Károly Karácsonyi Koncert


Nyári Károly az ország legismertebb énekes zongoristája hagyományos Budapesti Karácsonyi Koncertjével újból elvarázsolja közönségét 2018. december 27-én 20:00 órai kezdettel. A karácsonyi koncert immár 13. alkalommal kerül megrendezésre, ebben az évben a Budapest Kongresszusi Központban, az ország egyik legnagyobb koncerthelyszínén.

Az ünnepi koncerten a legmeghittebb karácsonyi dalok és a művész pályáját meghatározó legszebb művek, valamint saját slágerei csendülnek fel különleges feldolgozásban, az általa alapított Charles Music Kamarazenekar és a Budapesti Jazz Szimfonikus Zenekar közreműködésével.

Az est meghívott sztárfellépői Lukács Gyöngyi Kossuth-díjas világhírű operaénekesnő, a Magyar Állami Operaház Örökös Tagja és Alexandru Agache világhírű bariton, a Magyar Állami Operaház állandó sztár vendégművésze. A koncert további meghívott fellépői Nyári Aliz és Nyári Edit énekesnők, akik csodálatos duetteket adnak elő a hallgatóknak az esten. Az egyedülálló látványvilág tovább erősíti az elhangzó dalok dramaturgiáját.


Meghívott sztárvendégek: Lukács Gyöngyi, Nyári Aliz, Nyári Edit, Alexandru Agache
  Közreműködik: Charles Music Kamarazenekar,
Budapesti Jazz Szimfonikus Zenekar
 Karmester: Dinyés Dániel





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