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Public Transport

Public transport in Budapest is one of the most modern and efficient systems in the world. The network of the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) consists of 4 underground metro lines, 5 suburban railway lines, 15 trolley bus lines, 31 tramlines and 178 bus routes. During any hour of day and night there is a convenient way of getting from point A to point B in the city without any problem. The schedules of the public transport are reliable and waiting time is acceptable, so during the rush hour, metro runs every 3 minutes, trolley buses, trams and buses run every 3-5 minutes. Moreover, the busses or trolley busses always arrive on time and if there is any route disruption, the replacement busses are available as a backup option.

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Travel To The Congress Center

By plane

If you arrive to Budapest by plane, then the way from the only airport in the city – Ferihegy Airport will take around 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Budapest Congress Center is located 25 km from the airport and is accessible by either taxi, airport minibus or public transport. Taxi would cost around 10000-11000 HUF, airport minibus – 3200 HUF and public transport – 1200 HUF. The best way to get to the BCC by bus is to take 100E bus from the airport to Astoria and change to bus 8E, 112 or 110 to BAH-csomópont.

By train

Budapest has three railway stations: Keleti pályaudvar (Eastern), Nyugati pályaudvar (Western) and Déli pályaudvar (Southern). About 1 km from the South Railway Station, on Alkotás utca. By taxi, it would take around 15 minutes to get to the congress center from each of those railway stations and it would cost around 5000 HUF. Regarding public transport: from Keleti pályaudvar, it is best to take the bus 8E, 112 or 110 that goes straight to the stop BAH-csomópont where BCC is situated. As for Nyugati pályaudvar, it is either the option of taking M3 to Ferenciek tere and switching to busses 8E, 112 or 110 until BAH-csomópont or, in case it is during the M3 reconstruction, take bus number 6 until Astoria stop and then take the same busses as in the case of Keleti. Déli pályaudvar is the closest train station and to get from there to BCC there are trams 17 or 61 that go straight to BAH-csomópont stop.